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Our Mission

The practice of law must keep in pace with the speed in which society is embracing technology. Legal services should be:

  • Accessible
  • Speedy
  • Economical

Need a Tech solution for your legal work?

Lawyers will hugely benefit from being relieved from repetitive tasks and being able to focus on legal strategies.

There are endless tasks in a law firm that can be automated.

See below for some of our innovations. Contact us for more options.

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Meet our AI Paralegals

Our automated communicators can handle a wide variety of tasks and eliminate the need and waiting time for a human response.

  • Meet Bob, our AI ambassador
    Bob and his team will work for you 24/7. When your clients send you instructions at midnight, your draft documents will be waiting for you when you next switch on your computer.
  • Meet Clara, our AI immigration law paralegal
    Show your clients the different immigration routes, and how you can help them to achieve their goals.
  • Meet Damian, our AI criminal defense paralegal
    Damian explains the legal procedure from an arrest to a criminal trial and connects a client in need of urgent assistance to you immediately.
  • Meet Felix, our AI will-drafting paralegal
    Felix takes instructions from your client and can prepare a will instantly.

    We have many more AI communicators working in different legal fields who are able to automate your tasks:

  • Client intake
  • Automated contracts
  • Real estate/mortgage
  • Immigration: Hong Kong Pathway

Our Team

The LexIT team has expertise in law, software development, marketing and communication. Our IT team is experienced in full stack development, data science and artificial intelligence models. Adding to our strengths we have external advisors who are prominent industry leaders in cutting edge technology, innovations and international business management.

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Virtual Law

  • Virtual law firms are on the rise particularly in Canada, US and UK. A study commissioned by the UK Law Society predicts that by 2026, one third of all UK lawyers could be working in virtual law firms.
  • Aside from the benefits of saving overhead, commuting, and office rent, virtual lawyers will have more time to focus on delivering their legal service to clients. 
  • With the use of technology, lawyers and their clients are in a win-win situation where legal services become more efficient and economical with the law firms maintaining a high profit margin.
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